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FarEast Commercial Center (FECC) was established on November 30, 1993.

At that time,  the company one of three branches where  “Mari-Anne Hobby Holding”  was involved in

The Family Ubert decided in the 80s of the last century to divide their company in;

    - a Jewelry parts company www.cuentahobby.com, led by Nicolette Ubert.-

    -  an EVA-Foam production company named Well-Done, led by Erik Ubert,

    -  and FECC for import of crafting articles  led by Theo and Ria Ubert,                                                     the parents of Erik and Nicolette

    In 2002 was Tom Blom introduced to the company.

In 2006 Well-Done was sold and after a brief existence under the name ‘Red Pinguin’ stock and machinery were bought back by our company FECC.   (FECC is a trade-name of “VEDEKIM BV”)

That same year Tom Blom got half of the company and in 2008 he gets full control of the company after Theo Ubert retired at age 75. Until his death in 2015 Theo was indirectly involved in the company.

We believe in a healthy mix between imports and production of a wide variety of products to establish long term relationships with our customers.